The work we do saves lives. We’re here for the long haul, standing by every person we help until life has been stabilized and is secure.


Our mission is to provide safety, hope and positive life changes for survivors of domestic violence and we work hard every day to inspire hope and paths to independence.

Meet Toni

Toni is one such client that has worked hard with us to achieve her dream!  

When she came to us for assistance, she was still reeling from the abuse that had taken her confidence and self-worth.  She had the strength and courage to leave her abuser but was unsure of her future.  She felt defeated, insecure and very unsure.  Leaving an abusive marriage also made her financially insecure.

After attending sessions where she began to understand the cycle of abuse and how she had been victimized, she became a survivor with goals and plans to move forward.

The first step was getting a divorce and because she did not have the funds to hire an attorney, we were able to complete her petition for divorce together, attend court with her and celebrate her breaking that cycle of abuse permanently.

After that, it was full speed ahead for Toni!   She spoke of her dream to open a business to recycle old furniture, jewelry and other throw-a-way items into beautiful works of art.  She gifted us with some of her pieces and together we incorporated her new business, worked on a business plan and budget and gave her referrals to other sources for new business assistance.

We feature her beautiful work in our thrift store and supply her with items that she can use to keep creating unique pieces that spotlight her creativity and imagination!

Come see Toni's creations at our thrift store and support her moving from victim to survivor to businesswoman!

Mary's Story

"Mary" is 36 years old and was married for 14 years to a very abusive man who controlled her and their three children through verbal and emotional intimidation which eventually turned physical.  She found the courage to leave, found an apartment and a job.  But her abuser was not going to stop; he may have not been able to get at her physically but there are other types of abuse.  He was awarded unsupervised visitation with the children even though he was convicted of domestic assault.  He would not let the children call her when they were with him and he continually told the children it was her fault that they were no longer living together.  He intimidated one of the children into telling him where Mary worked and went to her job 3 times, creating such turmoil, she was terminated.  Once when the children visited him, he pulled out a gun and a large garbage bag, telling the children, “this is the gun I am going to kill your mom with and this is the body bag I am going to bury her in.”  Mary called our 24/7 crisis line and asked for help.  We placed her and the children in safe, emergency shelter, provided legal services with our pro bono attorney so she could get a restraining order, provided court advocacy and family support.  The family was very traumatized but once feeling safe and knowing they had the support of our staff and volunteers, they felt strong enough to face the challenges ahead.  Mary and the children found a new apartment.  We provided household goods and furniture and to help the children stabilize, provided funding for two of them to join a track club and flag football.  Mary now has a new job and with legal help has petitioned for supervised visitation.  

Mary is a survivor!

Peace At Home is something we all aspire to, yet thousands of American women are killed each year by a current or former intimate partner.  Two million a year are injured.  A sexual assault occurs every two minutes.  

Please join our efforts to assist battered women, men and children by giving to our agency.  Together, we can offer hope, healing and support.  With your gift, we can make a difference and continue our mission to end violence against women, men and children in our community. 



Ava's Story

Ava is 38 years old and was married for 12 years to a very abusive man who basically kept her a prisoner in their home. She was not allowed to leave the premises without his permission and could only go out when he could accompany her. He often would put his hands around her throat and start to squeeze until she was afraid she was going to die. He put a gun to her head when she told him she wanted to leave and get a divorce. After awhile, she began to believe she was all of the vile things he told her she was and she lived each day with less and less hope.

Ava saw Our Sister's Place brochure when she and her abuser were shopping in the store. She quietly put it in her purse and when he was sleeping, she called the crisis line. Working with the staff of Our Sister's Place, she was able to get away from her abuser, find housing, employment and advocacy.

Most of all, she began to believe in herself and thrive with the support of Our Sister's Place staff and volunteers. She is becoming stronger each day and continues working with the staff to recognize her self-worth and learn life skills.

Ava is a survivor!

Please join our efforts to assist battered women and children. Together, we can offer hope, healing and support. With your gift, we can make a difference and continue our mission to end violence against women and children in our community.