Can You Help?

Our Sister's Place, Inc. is working with a victim of domestic violence who has severe injuries and is seeing three doctors and physical therapists to facilitate her recovery.   She must make several trips every week for treatment; however, she has an older model vehicle with high mileage that is in need of expensive and extensive repairs.  Unfortunately,estimates for repair are currently between $3,000-$4,000 with the real possibility of additional repairs and no guarantee that there won't be further issues in the future.

If you have or know of someone with a dependable vehicle, please consider donating it to Our Sister's Place, Inc. on her behalf.  She would be very grateful.  Having safe transportation is a necessity for her to receive proper care and treatment.  The added daily stress of worrying about an unreliable vehicle is truly detrimental to her full recovery.

If you can help in any way, please contact Hazel at (561) 744-6997 or Jane at (561) 348-4018.  All donations to Our Sister's Place, Inc. are tax deductible.